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Top 5 Reasons to Sell Old Business Laptops

Is your company thinking of upgrading laptops or other IT equipment? Are you planning to recycle the old ones, or will the machines be kept in storage like the rest of the old devices?

The more thoughtful business decision is to sell them and get some of your money back. 

Getting the money is not your business priority? Here are the top 5 reasons why the right time to sell your used laptops is now.   

Meet Demands 

The primary reason for upgrading business equipment is compatibility with the apps and your requirements. 

When your company grows, there's a high chance that you require higher data storage and more applications. Although your current machines are still functioning, you must prioritise maintaining the best service to your clients. Thus you must upgrade your devices to keep up with the latest systems and applications. 

Save money from recycling handling fees

The standard industry practice is to replace enterprise laptops every 3- 5 years to ensure that your devices keep up with the advanced applications. However, some companies only upgrade laptops "until their break." Unfortunately, when the machines are too worn-out or older than five years old, you can no longer sell them, and your company needs to pay for recycling and logistics. 

Selling your equipment while they are still working can ensure company compensation, and you can use that money to buy upgraded devices.

A big bonus is that you no longer have to worry about the headaches of recycling old devices anymore. 

Free up your Office Space

Do you know some spots in the office, perhaps a cabinet, a table or even a room, filled with old IT equipment? The machines sit there and catch dust for who knows how long. They take up the space that your company can use more purposely. We can help you reclaim those valuable space and sell these machines safely and easily. 

Machines lying around also pose a security risk to the company, especially if they still contain company information and have not yet been properly formatted. These devices are easily forgotten, easily unaccountable and can be easily stolen.

Also, beware of older mobile phones as their batteries could have swelled, which could lead to bursting. Bursting happens when a phone is out of use for a long time and then suddenly recharged. So it is best to recycle old phones safely instead of storing them.

Security Reasons

Older machines are also more vulnerable to new security threats, putting your company data at risk. 

The years of updates and patches of the computer systems have a cumulative effect on the overall system's performance. The machine often acquires immense amounts of infectious malware data that must be treated. As outdated devices are not actively updated and checked, businesses using them are more susceptible to having information stolen or corrupted. 

It is Easy 

Selling your used IT equipment looks daunting, but circulate-electronics.com make it simple for businesses like you. 

First, list the devices for sale on our site. Then our partner refurbisher will send you an initial offer you can negotiate. After that, our partner refurbisher takes care of the pick-up. Once the devices are assessed and you agree with the final offer, you get paid instantly! Easy, right?

We know the importance of data security, so we made sure you have options on how you would like your old devices to be handled. 

Ready to start selling? Start selling your old laptops or IT devices here

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